If you have ever had the following when working with a title company, please contact us:

  • Title binder turn around times exceeding 72 hours on a refinance.
  • Problems with scheduling a closing at a time or date convenient for you or your client.
  • Failure to provide you with the necessary information for a good faith estimate in a timely manner.
  • Difficult or unpleasant processing and/or post closing staff.

We very much look forward to working with you. You will be surprised at the difference using Quantum Title will make. Choosing the right title company can make the different in your transaction.


As a Realtor, the settlement company chosen may be the most important part of the transaction. Your client chose you because you provide impeccable service to them. If your client is provided with great service from the chosen settlement company, they will likely not only recommend you to others, but will contact you for all their real estate needs in the future.

At Quantum Title, we will make the transaction go smoothly. Not only are our processors available to you and your client to answer any questions, but an attorney is also always available to you and your client. Feel free to contact us anytime during business hours.